1. Telephony Phone Sample - Calming/Personable/Pleasant Download
  2. Exotic Pet Parade - Bubbly/Enthusiastic/Upbeat Download
  3. Vintage Warriors Promo - Personable/Warm/Upbeat Download
  4. Mother Goose Nannies - Excited/Hopeful/Relatable Download
  5. Jazz Radio Tag - Sultry/Warm/Raspy Download
  6. Frank FM Radio Tag - Soothing/Upbeat/Rhythmic Download
  7. Credit Repair - Trustworthy/Hopeful/Encouraging Download

Abigail Esmena

Abigail Esmena is a Filipino-American actress. After graduating with a bachelors degree in broadcasting and theatre, she continued studying at The Second City Improv in Chicago, as well as numerous training with reknowned coaches for acting and hosting techniques. Some of Abi's notable works include her supporting role as Officer Crane in the SAG feature film, "Don't Tell A Soul," starring Rainn Wilson & Fionne Whitehead, Budzinski's mom in the SAG feature film "And Then I Go," directed by Vince Grashaw, a principal role in a national Papa John's March Madness commercial, a principal role in a national Western & Southern Financial commercial, as well as numerous other commercials and print work. Abi currently resides in Cincinnati, Ohio and continues working throughout the country.

Height: 5’ 5"
Weight: 130
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Bust: 34, D
Shoe: 7.5
Waist: 27
Hip: 37
Dress Size: 4
T-Shirt: S