Kaylee H.

Kaylee is 9 years old and in the 4th grade. She is a beautiful, happy, kind, respectful & positive little girl who’s smile can light up a room. Kaylee has a very warm, easy-going & funny personality. Kaylee loves to make people laugh & makes friends easily, where ever she goes. Kaylee has been taking gymnastics for 2 years. She enjoys being outside & staying active by riding bikes, jumping on her trampoline, swimming, roller skating, jumping rope, hula hooping & practicing her tumbling skills. When Kaylee is not outside, she is either reading, drawing, making crafts, playing with make-up or watching make-up and hair tutorials on YouTube. Kaylee is a natural in front of the camera & has been wanting to model & act since she was 5 yrs. old & is very determined to make it happen.

Height: 4’ 4"
Weight: 74
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Shoe: 2
Waist: 28
Dress Size: 10
T-Shirt: M