Aariv T.

Aariv is an Actor, Model, and Dancer. He made his modeling debut in 2019, featuring in Parents Magazine (Sep 2019 edition). Since then, Aariv has been part of various acting and modeling projects for Care Bears, Big Lots, NBC4 weather commercial, Super Specs Ohio, True Lemon, Dial Soap, Tanger outlet, Macy’s fashion, Zulily, student short film, Ivy Magazine, and many others. Aariv was awarded as the ‘Model of the Year’ and ‘Fashion Print Model’ runner-up in iPOP Las Vegas 2018. When not playing Minecraft, he’s an avid dancer, singer, beatboxer, pianist, and lyricist. Aariv has been training in his favorite artistic talents (acting, modeling, dancing, piano, and gymnastics). Many thanks to coaches Havilland Maxwell, Robert Vito, Connor Weil, JW Myers, Dublin Dance school, Columbus Children Theater, Drama Kids School, and Buckeye Gymnastic. With a smile on his face, love for others, respect for his profession, Aariv wants to win everyone's hearts with his work and dedication.

Height: 4’ 5"
Weight: 64
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Shoe: 4
Waist: 25
T-Shirt: S
Chest: 35