Bella Murphy

Bella's strong leadership skills have helped her achieve Top Cookie Stellar Seller 6 years running with The Girl Scouts of Ohio. She admires and looks up to her older brothers and has a fun, inquisitive, and playful spirit. She is sports-minded and competitive, yet she understands what it means to be a team player and always looks out for her teammates and peers. She has been recognized by The City of Dublin, two year in a row, for her work within her community. And she has been honored by The Concord Fire Department and received an award for her artistic abilities. Bella seeks new opportunities and adventures; she takes risks, and is a creative thinker. Bella loves to read, excels in math and science, and she has been placed in the advanced cognitive program at school!

Height: 4’ 9"
Eyes: Hazel
Shoe: 4.5