Micah Abbey

4/10/14- VCF photographer: "This kids is AWESOME! He takes direction so well" 2/18/2014- Delta Faucet print- "Micah was AWESOME! We will have to have him back in the future. Should be acting too" 1/31/2014- P&G Internal project. Clients stated, "Micah did a really great job. Made it look easy" 5/7/2013- Bluegrass Cellular print shoot. Client asked for Micah to return (unplanned) for commercial shoot. Said he was "such a natural", and "very easy to work with". 02/01/2014- Micah is very intelligent, and more of a chill personality. Not over the top, but follows commands very well. He can transform into whatever he is asked to be. He enjoys reading and writing short stories. He also plays baseball, soccer, and loves to dance and perform.

Height: 4’ 6"
Eyes: Brown
Shoe: 3
Size: 7