George Hildebrand

George R. Hildebrand is a mature actor based in Cincinnati, Ohio. He has appeared in a number of student, short and feature length films. In the short film category, noteworthy projects include “The Angle” [2022 Baby Bear Productions], the lead role in “In Our Own Time” [2022 Clubhouse Films], and the lead role (nominated Best Actor) in "Chickaboom [2022 Diane/Diana Productions]. George can also be seen playing supporting roles in two full length feature films: “Temporary Suspicion” and “Female Hustler II” [both 2022 Emperium Studios]. His work in student films include "Lucky Man" (2022 University of Cincinnati), “Memor” (2021 Indiana/Purdue University) and “We Need to Talk” (2021 Xavier University). George studied acting at Audition Room 513 in Cincinnati, Ohio. This training and several years of on set experience under the direction of industry professionals has allowed him to fast track his acting career. George is seeking to continue work in film and television and expand it into print and commercial advertising. Industrial and training films are yet another area of film work that would be a good match for George’s background and experience. Prior to his pursuit of acting, George already led a full professional life that included the funeral profession, heavy steel construction (Boilermakers Union), and over twenty years as a mechanical engineer. Over the years, his outside interests also afforded him experience in police, security, fire, and ambulance services. George is also a skilled Vintage Lindy Hop Swing & Blues dancer, DJ, Instructor and Lecturer on the History of Lindy Hop Swing Dancing. For George R. Hildebrand, it has been a life well lived and filled with experience he can apply to the acting roles he is assigned.

Height: 5’ 9"
Weight: 195
Hair: None
Eyes: Blue
Shoe: 9.5
Suit: 43
Waist: 39
T-Shirt: XL
Suit: 43 R
Neck Size: 17
Sleeve: 31
Inseam: 30
Chest: 41