Connor S.

Connor is an all around fun-loving 7 year old. He loves to make sure everyone in the room is laughing. His sense of humor is beyond his years. Connor is an old soul. He loves baseball, fishing, watching old movies and hanging out with people who love him. He is full of fun facts about all science related topics. Connor loves to learn and take direction from those older than him. He loves to have his picture taken and loves to pose. Once he is shown how to do something he quickly masters it. Connor was the 2015 Cincinnati Judges' Choice Most Photogenic Baby in Cincinnati; a competition to benefit Cincinnati Children's Hospital.

Height: 3’ 7"
Weight: 40
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Brown
Shoe: 9.5
Waist: 23
T-Shirt: XS
Chest: 35
Size: 5