Cortney Wiggins

My mission with this statement today is to earn a spot in a world of heroes & icons to someday leave my mark on the silver screen like those before me. To also learn from those before me, by staying humble and hungry to someday walk the red carpet and achieve that very goal of job well done. Cortney knows what it takes to get there I just need your help, will you be the one that makes Cortney's dreams come true? Will it be you that offers Cortney the chance to learn and excel at the craft? I hope so cause Cortney R. Wiggins is worth every minute of reel, tape, video that you have. All I ask is that you take an honest chance on me, because my mission to Hollywood starts with you.

Height: 5’ 11"
Eyes: Brown
Suit: 42
Waist: 36
Shoe: 13
Neck Size: 16.5
Sleeve: 34
Inseam: 34