Ethan B.

Ethan is an energetic, talented, and hard-working young man who prefers acting over all other activities. Acting with Jon Voight in JL Ranch was a great opportunity to watch and learn from the best in the business. Mr. Voight said that Ethan is definitely a "natural" and is "comfortable in his own skin." Ethan loves to act in front of a camera or a live audience. He has been on the theater stage since he was 7 years old. He has played many roles including the fun role of the "Donkey" in Shrek and the serious role of "Jesus" in Godspell. He plays piano each week for a youth worship service and is occasionally on stage with a jazz band singing his favorite Michael Buble songs. Outside of school work and preparing for a show, he enjoys many activities and is earning ranks in Boy Scouts.

Height: 5’ 4"
Weight: 130
Hair: Light Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Shoe: 7
Suit: 36
Waist: 30
Suit: 36 S
Neck Size: 14.0
Sleeve: 30
Inseam: 29