Clare A.

Clare Allen is a very outgoing and personable young actress and model. She loves being photographed and is able to memorize lines very quickly. She was a participant at AMTC Shine, July 2014. There she had multiple on camera, acting and modeling showcases. She was also featured in an ad in Homelife Magazine for Big God Life Clothing. She was chosen as first runner up in the Petite Miss Harvest Homecoming pageant. She has performed onstage for dance and piano recitals and school Christmas programs. Clare worked as an extra on the movie Cecil and had a principal role in Montana's Tobacco Use Prevention Program commercial. Most recently she had a minor role in the Cognotion Production training film for Signature Health Care. She has also trained with Bob Marks, vocal coach from NYC.

Height: 4’ 9"
Weight: 90
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Shoe: 4