Brayden L.

Brayden Lacer is a young, Jewish/Christian born actor, singer, model, and dancer. He comes from a very talented family of industry professionals. ‚Äč Brayden has played principle roles in several theatrical performances. While he enjoys musical theater, his real love is for movies and television. In addition to acting and modeling, he is also a good student, a young leader in his school/community, and excels at multiple sports. Brayden has already worked with a number of respected acting coaches and casting directors. And while he is fairly new to the business, he performs like a seasoned professional. At only 14-years old, this young man is a rising star!

Height: 5’ 0"
Weight: 86
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Shoe: 6
Waist: 26
T-Shirt: XS
Inseam: 28
Chest: 35
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