Dre D.

Dre DeRosa has traveled all over United States working with CMG Talent and representing various brands. These brands include,Summit Racing, Skoal,Camel,Copenhagen,Black N' Mild, GMR, Street Life Tour, Nos, Zerolift,Chef Jay's Cookies, Twinspires.Red Bull,NHRA, Indy 500,Moto GP,Auto Parts Plus, PNC Bank, UC Health,Thursday Night Lightz,Reds,Cyclones,SweetRevengeBikinis,Miller,Budweiser & Budlight. Training videos include,MidMark (hand model) and RockCreek Productions (TSA-Indianapolis Airport.)Dre's published work can be seen in Tailgate, Street Customs, and Gauge magazines. She also appeared in Maxim Hometown Hotties Top 100. Appearance in a National Campaign commercial representing Hilary Clinton.

Height: 5’ 6"
Weight: 135
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Blue
Bust: 36, D
Shoe: 8.5
Waist: 27
Hip: 36