Chris Kaufman featured in NY Daily News

Chris Kaufman, a Louisville photographer and talent agent, said Jennifer first came to see him when she was 12. He told her and her parents it "was a little bit too early." But Jennifer didn't give up. "They came back a year and a half later," he said. "She was still young, still short, but her presence was undeniable. He said he set up appointments for her with modeling agencies in New York. "Jennifer went up one time and made it," he said. She decided to sign with CESD Talent Agency because of its focus on acting. Kaufman told her she should try to focus on modeling. "I told her there are limited roles for actresses. Let's get you modeling. There is great money in modeling," he said. "She would say, 'No. I want to be an actor.' She was determined when she went to New York." The agency - and Jennifer - tried to convince Karen to let the 14-year-old move to the Big Apple. "I told her, 'Absolutely not,' " Karen said. "She didn't give up. CESD didn't give up." The agency convinced her to spend six weeks during the summer letting Jennifer audition for work. Read more: