Keep your headshot and information updated

Why it's important to keep your headshot and information updated: Unless you're George Clooney, you've changed in the past 2 years. Your face has matured, your hair may have changed, or you may have finally decided to bite the bullet and grow that goatee you've been wanting to grow since puberty. Regardless the reasoning, you've changed. However, you're not the only one who's changed. Trends have evolved as well. Your go-too pink polo with the popped collar no longer looks cool in 2013 and should actually be burned at the stake. The point is is that you and society have changed. "So I've changed...what's the big deal?" Well for one thing you are in an industry based on looks. Good looks, bad looks, so-so looks, it doesn't matter because talent aside you are getting booked off your appearances. For example, if you were to book a hair commercial and the client booked you off the blonde hair you were sporting in your headshot and you show up as a brunette, you have put everyone involved in a bind. The client will not be pleased and will not use you again and possibly even our agency. You have also lost the trust of your agent who will be reluctant to ever book you again. Same with your statistics. If you've gained weight but you're online profile still says you're a size 2, our client/stylist is not going to be happy when you can not fit into the wardrobe they have specifically set aside for you. It leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth. To avoid these headaches we ask you to be proactive on your part and keep you web profile up to date. Kids should get update photos every 6 months and adults should update every 2 years. Your contact information and personal statistics should ALWAYS be current. These steps alone will ensure you to have a happy talent/agent relationship.