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Please take a look at the acting coaching which is now available from the assistants based in the Louisville office. The site is and lists the coaches available to you with information about their experience and training. Sessions are affordable and you are encouraged to take advantage of their expertise and insight from working in an agency office and seeing hundreds of auditions. We also have on the team, Jay Campbell, who is a VO artist and DJ. He has years of experience as a sound engineer in a busy VO studio, Radio Joes. He is available for consultations on home studios, equipment, and can also work with you on preparing a VO demo. We now have a VO booth In the Louisville office where you can work behind glass and safely at a social distance from the instructor and engineer. It will be cleaned and disinfected regularly and after each use. Virtual sessions can also be scheduled if you are more comfortable with you. Another fun thing is to learn to be a DJ!  Once we have state permission to reopen, we will resume modeling training with Chris Kaufman.

Let us know if you have other lessons on your "wish list" and Advice Jockey will see about advising you on that!

Grand Diamond Dollars Scratch-Off

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